Residential Pressure Washing

When it comes to home maintenance, nothing makes a more immediate impact than pressure washing. Not only is it important to get rid of dirt and debris build-up that can make your home look aged, but it also reduces the need for expensive repairs due to mildew and mold damage. At Superior View, we use a mix of soft washing and pressure washing on Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island to ensure that we are getting the highest-quality results without risking damage to your exterior surfaces. We effectively target the harsh conditions of pollen and coastal living to protect your home from expensive damage, and we make it look amazing!

Getting Every Inch

Pressure washing and soft washing in Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island are not great do-it-yourself projects, because getting up on a ladder while shooting high-pressure water takes skill and training. Our technicians pay attention to the small details that mean the most. Even your hardest-to-reach areas will shine. Also, coastal living means that your home is subjected to both salt and pollen. We have the regional knowledge to tackle the many conditions that come with living so close to the coast!

Superior Results at Cost-Competitive Pricing

There is a significant difference between cheap and cost-competitive. At Superior View, we always deliver the highest-quality results at a cost-competitive price. Our team is committed to ensuring that all of your surfaces from the roof to the sidewalk are clean. We invest in the latest and most advanced equipment in the industry and have the expert training to get even your toughest stains clean.

Our Services Include

House Washing

Roof Washing

Window Cleaning

Fence, Deck, & Walkways

Gutter Cleaning

Concrete Washing

A Mix of Soft Washing and Pressure Washing on Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island

Being an industry leader is about more than throwing a pressure washing machine in a truck and calling yourself an expert. If you aren’t sure which surfaces can withstand the high pressure of water and which cannot, you could unwittingly do a lot of damage. At Superior View, we use a mix of soft washing and pressure washing techniques to provide the best results while being safe and keeping your home damage-free.

Driveway & Walkway Cleaning

Your driveway is the first thing you see when you or your guests arrive at your home, and it takes a lot of abuse from tires, leaves, mildew, and debris. The team at Superior View knows how to bring your driveway and walkways back to their original look, giving your home an amazing first impression. We safely and effectively clean concrete, brick, pavers, and cobblestone driveways. Plus, we now also offer waterproofing sealers in both satin and gloss finish to make your driveway really shine. Call us to schedule your driveway wash today, and let us show you how many shades brighter your driveway, and walkways can be!

Whole House Washing

Superior View has been keeping houses on Kiawah and Seabrook Islands sparkling clean for nearly 20 years, and there's a reason. Our customers rely on us year after year to keep their homes looking great, and to prevent A good house washing is necessary at least once a year in this climate, to stop mildew growth, remove pollen and debris, and to remove the salts that attach to your home from the Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention that an annual washing significantly improves the lifespan of your paint. Removing dirt and mildew from your siding, trim, soffits, garage doors, and porch ceilings is the best way to limit paint and coating failure on your homes exterior. You always make sure to wash your vehicles when they get dirty, so you certainly don't want to forget about cleaning your biggest investment to keep it looking it's best. And with Superior Views' annual or bi-annual scheduled maintenance plans, you'll have one less thing to remember, and always a clean home to come back to." with the CTA "Call us today for your complimentary estimate, and let us get you on our schedule today!

Residential Deck, Fence, and Walkway Pressure Washing and Soft Washing in Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island

At Superior View, we clean all things outdoors, including decks, fences, and walkways. We always use the most effective soft washing and pressure washing techniques for superior results, while also paying close attention in order to reduce damage. Most wood surfaces can be damaged by the high power of pressure washing. For those areas, soft washing is preferred, but it takes a true expert to know what can and cannot be pressure washed. Also, when you let dirt, grime, and algae sit on the surfaces of your walkways and entryways, they can become slick and dangerous. We ensure that your walkways are walkable and safe for your family, guests, and passersby.

Residential Roof Washing

Roof washing is an excellent way to extend the life of your shingles - if it’s done correctly. Shingle roofs, however, are not strong enough to stand up to pressure washing, which is why we use a soft washing method combined with industry-approved solvents to remove algae, dirt, and debris. If you use pressure washing, it can lead to a degradation of the granules of the shingles leading to breaking and cracking over time. And in some cases, it can lead to water penetrating the underlayment of the shingles and cause moisture and mold damage.

Residential Window Washing

Nothing can make your home look more rundown than windows that are dirty and dingy. Pressure washing is a great way to make them shine. But it isn’t just about aesthetics; when you allow dirt, debris, and grime to build up on your window casings, it can lead to mildew and mold issues that can require expensive repairs or even window replacements. Our residential window washing service will not only make your windows clear and sparkly; it will help to extend their lifespan.