Frequently Asked Questions ​

Although people typically use the terms “pressure washing” and “soft washing” interchangeably, they are not the same. Yes, soft washing is safe for shingled roofs; no, pressure washing is not. If you use pressure washing on a roof, it can lead to cracking, breaking, and gradual degradation of the granules that keep your roof protected. At Superior View, we only use pressure washing where it’s safe to do so. For other areas, we use hand washing or soft washing to reduce the risk of damage.
No, although we do both pressure washing and soft washing, they are not the same. Soft washing uses a technique that provides a gentler spray to reduce the risk of damage. When combined with industry-approved solvents, we can effectively get out tough stains, mold, algae, and other things like pollen.
For the most part, you do not have to be home during your scheduled appointment. The exception is if we are washing windows and need to gain access inside. Otherwise, you can set the time and then go about your day.
No, it is not appropriate to use pressure washing on gutters. They are not made to withstand the high pressure of water, which means pressure washing can result in damage. Some companies use a soft washing technique, which is safer; however, Superior View does all of our gutter cleaning by hand to limit the risk of damage and also to deliver superior results! We only use water to flush after we have thoroughly emptied and cleaned them!
Living so close to the Carolina Coast is definitely a luxury, but it does come with some additional factors to consider. Pressure washing is an excellent tool to remove salt and other caustic substances so that they are not left building up. If not addressed, the salt air can wreak havoc on your exterior materials and surfaces, leading to the need for unanticipated repairs. At Superior View, we consider all of the issues that are region-specific, and we have the expertise to target things that others might miss.
At Superior View, when we say “full service,” we mean full service. Once you become a customer and are in our database, you are a member of our routine scheduled maintenance program. Unless you choose to opt out, we will contact you 30 days prior to your annual or biannual service date and schedule an appointment. You do not have to sign up; we do what we can to take one thing off your busy to-do list. That means you never miss out on pressure washing or have to wait in line; you get preferential and reliable service automatically!